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Every Student Succeeds Act:  Funding for ESSA in Title IV, Part A Block Grant!

The passage of ESSA was a major victory for the health and physical education profession, as these two academic subjects are now recognized as part of a student’s “well-rounded education.” This new federal legislation provides increased access to funds for health and PE programs (including professional development), and allows states and school districts to set their own priorities for funding and accountability.  Funding previously allocated to school districts through the PEP grants will no longer exist after FY 2016.  The funding available in block grants through Title IV, Part A will replace the PEP grant funding.  Help ensure that appropriators in Congress follow bipartisan Congressional intent and fully fund the block grants at the authorized level of $1.65 billion by clicking the Take Action button above.



North Central District Conference
CSU, Sacramento
Contact:  James Clemmer,
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  15th Annual Fall Dance Workshop, Move & Groove
Center High School
Contact: Sherry Edgar, 916-338-6367,
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  Bay District Workshop
Location Hart Middle School, Pleasanton
Contact: Terri Drain,
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  Southern District Conference
CSU, San Bernardino
Contact:  Eric Davolt,
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  National Adapted Physical Education Conference
Los Angeles Airport Marriott
Contact:  CAHPERD, or 916-922-3596
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