2011 Advertising Rates

CAHPERD is an association of professional educators serving the allied fields of health, physical education, recreation and dance. Founded in 1929 as a California-based organization, CAHPERD now serves over 2,000 members and is the only association in
the state serving all four of the professional areas.

Healthy active lifestyles is what we are all about!

That is why our members, as professionals, are interested in your services and products. Together we are working to promote personal fitness and well being in individuals of all ages.

Our Publications
CAHPERD has 3 publications that accept advertising: a 4-color journal, a 4-color conference prospectus, and a 4-color conference program. Total distribution of these publications ranges from 2,000+ professional members for most mailings to 12,000+ for specialized publications. Additionally, approximately 10% are
mailed to other states, Canada, Europe and Asia.

The CAHPERD Journal is an 8½” x 11” magazine format full-color publication. The journal is distributed to 2000+ members and subscribers providing information on health, physical education, recreation, and dance.

Ad Format Full-color, Per Issue
Full Page, Full Color $750
1/2 Page Full Color $625
1/4 Page Full Color $475
Inside Front Cover* $1025
Inside Back Cover* $950
*Upon availability first come, first serve basis

Ad Format Image Sizes*
Full Page…………..7.5”x10” or 8.5”x11” bleed**
1/2 Page…………….7.5”x4.75” or 3.625”x10”
1/4 Page…………….3.625”x4.75”

*Include any framing within the given dimensions
**Additional $50 for BW full page ads that bleed

Conference Prospectus

The annual Conference Prospectus is a magazine format, 4-color publication similar to CAHPERD Journal. However, the mailing/distribution is far greater, reaching more than 13,000 individuals and school campuses in the highlighting session details, speakers, & other information for the upcoming CAHPERD Conference.

Conference Program
CAHPERD hosts a top-rated educational conference in early March each year. Attendance generally expected to exceed 1500. The printed Conference Program is given to all registered participants. Commercial exhibitors who attend this conference are given a substantial discount advertising space in this program.


Advertisement artwork should be delivered to CAHPERD state office the set publication ad deadline. Preference is in form of electronically delivered via e-mail, but negatives and paper positives are also acceptable.

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